WDC Wallet goes live, opening up digital currency OTC transactions

Asia Digital Currency Co., Ltd. announced that the WDC wallet jointly developed with the World Digital Currency Bank will be launched at the end of this month. According to reports, in addition to supporting the Asian dollar ACU, WDC wallet also supports more than 10 mainstream digital currencies. The supported digital assets include: BTC, LTC, ETC, ETH, ERC20 series, etc., which can maximize the convenience for users to digital Asset management. To a large extent, it solves the storage and management problems of users who safely back up wallet keys or address keys of multiple digital currencies

The WDC wallet opens up the connection between the digital currency field and the physical financial world. On the one hand, it uses the ACU as a carrier to create a platform for the issuance, circulation, exchange, and settlement of the ACU. On the other hand, it mainly solves the inconvenience of ordinary users to manage multiple digital currencies. Problems such as complicated transaction process, poor value transmission, insufficient blockchain performance and insufficient application scenarios.

The strategic cooperation between WDC Wallet and the World Digital Currency Bank is expected to connect to the global settlement system of the World Digital Currency Bank and open up to the gateway clearing channels of hundreds of banks around the world. On the one hand, WDC Wallet connects mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. On the other hand, it has opened up the sovereign legal currencies such as the US dollar, Renminbi, Japanese yen, Euro, and British pound, allowing digital currencies and legal currencies to be freely exchanged, and truly creating the demand for free storage and free exchange of currencies.

At present, the exchange of digital currency and fiat currency is mainly realized through OTC service merchants. Nevertheless, there are still great risks for non-professional investors, such as capital freezing risk and trust risk. The WDC wallet can solve this pain point.

In terms of security, the WDC wallet guarantees the safe operation of the wallet through more than 30 security technologies such as DNS service security detection, network security detection, and anti-regulatory reverse analysis, and is distributed around the world through multiple security verifications, cold and hot separation storage, and multiple signatures Users everywhere protect the security of users’ private keys.