ADL launches cashable digital gold trading tool – ACU Gold Token

Digital asset unicorn ACU Digital Limited (ADL) recently introduced ACUG Gold Token, a redeemable gold-backed cryptocurrency, which will bring traditional gold investment and trading into the crypto realm by leveraging new fintech and blockchain technology

ADL has launched a redeemable gold-backed cryptocurrency token– ACU Gold

ACU Gold Token, or ACUG, is a gold-backed token provided by ADL, in cooperation with ACU Bullion Limited, a member of Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange. Based on Ethereum blockchain, ACUG represents an actual ownership stake in physical gold, whose intrinsic value and less volatility price makes it different to mainstream cryptocurrencies. It can be used as payment method, lending, one-stop investment and other all-round functions under the audition of renowned accounting firm. In the meantime, being used as a non-fungible token (NFT) of gold jewellery will also bring an investment value to precious metals, i.e. gold.


Aiming to find an ideal solution to the ills that faced the monetary system, ACUG, a gold-backed crypto token, is designed and developed based on Ethereum blockchain. By bringing conventional gold investment into the cryptocurrency bandwagon, ACUG has a broad market prospect and will become a global financial instrument and payment method to facilitate trade settlement, commodity transaction, digital asset transaction, and etc..

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