Successful certification! The”ACU” trademark registration was successfully completed in Pakistan


The overseas registration of the trademark “ACU” has been successfully registered in Pakistan.

According to the latest official news, the trademark “ACU” has been successfully registered in Pakistan and has received a

 legal recognition of trademark certification. Up to now, the trademark “ACU” has been registered in 57 countries and regions 


The “ACU” trademark has been registered in China, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Cambodia, 

Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong SAR, EU and many others.

The successful registration of the “ACU” trademark in Pakistan is indication of Pakistan’s positive transition to financial

 digitalization. Historically, financial inclusion has been an issue in Pakistan. According to the World Bank, 402 out 

of every 1,000 people in Pakistan have a bank account, and the value of digital transactions in Pakistan accounts

for only 16 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As the world accelerates towards a digital economy, 

Pakistan is also actively exploring digital transformation.

In 2018, the Pakistani Government launched the Digital Pakistan Policy, with the main objective of supporting the

IT sector by establishing a digital ecosystem.  In December 2019, the government went a step further and launched 

the “The Digital Pakistan Vision”, a plan to improve regulations and mechanisms for the digital economy, establish 

an e-identity system, propose payment solutions, etc., to create an enabling environment for the development of 

the fintech sector. Like other countries around the world, COVID-19 is driving the development of digital applications 

in Pakistan at an unprecedented pace.

According to statistics, there are over 16 million  mobile phone users in Pakistan in 2021 alone. In one study, more 

Gen Z users have mobile wallets (36%) than bank accounts (27%). The State Bank of Pakistan released a report 

stating that the government will continue to actively promote the digitization of payments and financial services to 

provide greater convenience to all of its citizens. The positive changes in fintech in Pakistan will provide a solid 

foundation for ACU Group’s plans to do business in the country.

The completion of the certification of the “ACU” trademark in Pakistan is also an important step in ACU Group’s 

globalization strategy. Since the beginning of its establishment, ACU Group has positioned itself for global development.

The ACU Group established its base in Hong Kong, and from its Hong Kong base it is expanding to the rest of Asia. 

ACU will be launched by ACU Group in 2019 in Hong Kong. On the first day of its creation, ACU is committed to 

promoting the globalization of electronic money and making electronic money a more convenient, secure and reliable 

transaction method that people are willing to adopt.

As we enter 2022, ACU Group is accelerating its global expansion and continues to expand its footprint westward. 

Currently, ACU Group has set up a Southeast Asia operation center in Thailand to accelerate the landing of Asian 

Dollar ACU and Asian Ecotrader AET in Thailand and Malaysia. At the same time, the ACU Group has reached 

cooperation with Cameroon, Angola, Zambia, Madagascar and other African countries, and is actively promoting 

the landing of ADACU in African countries.

The world is currently witnessing a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, and Pakistan has 

also welcomed many financial technology companies. At this time, the official completion of the registration of the 

“ACU” trademark will also provide new development opportunities for ACU Group to explore the emerging 

markets in South Asia.