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Why Choose ACU Payment?

Made for Merchants

- Low handling fees of only 1-2%

- Flexible and fast settlement, ACU PAY adopts T+1 to 4 settlement arrangement

- ACU PAY promotes with extensive promotion activities to attract locals and tourists to spend more, thus creating more business opportunities for ACU‘s merchants.

Widely Recognized

- Digital currency is characterized by wide recognition and long-term wealth growth

- ACU's independent professional research and development team, ensures a stable and reliable system for wealth management

The Edge Of Digital Payment

- Digital payments have become an irreversible trend due to its high level safety, convenience and wide acceptance

- Cross-border travellers could worry less about foreign exchange rate with digital payment made life easier

Actual Consumer Payment Process

Click on “PAY” icon

Input Transaction Info & Provide QR Code for Scanning

Complete Transaction

Application Procedure


Apply for Merchant Account

Gather all the documents and email us for application.


Application Process

Application approval could be settled as quick as 2 working days.


Install & Start Using

After approval, you can install designated application programme for transactions.

Merchant Account Application Form

Collect all necessary documents and email to

Information Required

3 Photos From Merchant That Reflects Product/ Service Nature

Representative's Identification - holding at least 25% company shares

Latest 3-month Bank Statement of Merchant‘s Account

Incorporation Form or Annual Return Form (equivalent to Hong Kong's NNC1/ NAR1)

Certificate of Incorporation (CI)

Valid Business Registration (BR)

Incorporation Form or Annual Return Form (equivalent to Hong Kong's NNC1/ NAR1)

Merchants To Apply For Nexus Line

We will follow up your case and assist you in your application within 2 working days after you submit this form.