Beijing: 140 Government Services Applications Are Using Blockchain

The Beijing government has released its first blockchain application blueprint for government services, claiming 140 applications already use the technology.The Beijing government will release its first blockchain application blueprint on government  services in China today, according to the local news on July 15.  

According to the blueprint, 140 government service applications are already on the blockchain. These applications are divided into three categories: “data sharing and exchange”, “business collaborative processing” and “electronic certificate and certificate storage”. The official in charge of the blueprint said:”Blockchain is a breakthrough in data sharing which is difficult to get through the traditional sharing way […] ‘electronic certificate storage’ means that the electronic certificate is stored on the chain, and […] improves the credibility and verification efficiency.”

Blockchain gets real

The real estate registration blockchain system, for instance, involves 11 government sectors, including the municipal planning commission, the housing and urban rural development commission, the tax bureau, the public security bureau. The official said:”The relevant departments will handle the real estate registration business and store the relevant information in the blockchain to ensure the credibility of the electronic license […] to realize the traceability of the sharing process.” 

As Cointelegraph reported previously, China is looking into the use of blockchain technology to promote data sharing among medical institutions amid future pandemics. But Chinese local governments also face challenges implementing blockchain applications as stakeholders don’t want to share their data.(source: