ACUG Helps Decentralized Finance to Meet the Diversified Needs of Investors’ Asset Allocation


According to CGTN, on March 27th, local time in Iran, China and Iran formally signed a 25-year strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement stipulates that the oil settlement and trade between China and Iran will be settled in Chinese RMB and China’s newly introduced digital RMB, avoiding the settlement in US dollars. The ultra-long-term de-dollarization starts quietly.

As a global market, gold will also play an important role in this process. There are many limitations in traditional gold trading, such as imperfect gold investment channels, nonstandard trading subject structure, lagging laws governing the gold market, and shortcomings in multi-head supervision. The degree of specialization of gold market intermediaries needs to be improved, and the innovation ability is insufficient. Gold markets in various countries have not been fully internationalized.

In order to make gold trading adapt to the needs of modern globalization, ACU Digital Limited launched the gold token ACUG project in combination with blockchain technology to overcome the shortcomings of traditional gold trading and empower it with science.

1ACUG and 1 ounce of gold are exchanged at 1:1. In the blockchain, gold trading can integrate logistics, data flow, information flow, capital flow and other functions, thus saving the tedious circulation of physical gold. Moreover, due to the traceability, non-tampering and security transparency of blockchain itself, the digital gold with the secret key mastered by users has a high degree of security, which also ensures the safety of personal assets, making gold trading very simple. Decentralized trading can reduce transaction costs and avoid personal asset losses caused by monetary expansion policies of central banks.

ACUG has always set out to digitalize gold assets and help gold realize the simplest and most convenient value circulation and realization. Through the new application modes of computer technology such as blockchain distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm, a multi-layer chain is established, the gold transaction database is maintained, and the transaction records are permanently saved. ACUG makes the gold trading market more open and transparent, completely improves the traditional gold market, expands the trading of the gold market, achieves stable circulation, improves trading volume, and meets the diversified asset allocation needs of investors.


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